formerly Brigitte Silveri-Woda

Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1948, she studied painting and art education
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

For a time she acted as co-publisher and photographer of the city guide
“Wien Wirklich“ Stadtführer (Verlag für Gesellschaftskritik) and is a former
member of the management of „Fotogalerie Wien“.

She worked as art teacher in Vienna till 2001
and lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Pigi/West Mani, Greece.

Perception and feeling are the raw materials for her photographic work,
which refers to places and occurrences of everyday life.

She captures unimportant scenes, quickly passing moments and
lifts them out of their triviality.

The blurred quality of her photography refers to the transience of everyday
perception but also to the impression of fragility, deprivation of security
and loneliness.

The reduction to the detail and the extensiv use of colour
has the likeness of an abstract painting.